Local Designer Showcase: Johannah Masters Jewelry Collection

Written by MINT MARKET


Posted on January 17 2023




Johannah Masters x Mint Market
Johannah Masters x Mint Market
Johannah Masters x Mint Market
Johannah Masters x Mint Market
Enameled Hammered Heart Earrings and Her Signature Charm Hoop Earrings
Johannah Masters x Mint Market
One of the most rewarding and satisfying aspects of being an independent fashion retailer is that we get to shine the spotlight on local artists and designers. Connecting with and showcasing talented women inspires us to keep the daydream going and flowing. Finding these special, creative babes is like finding a really sparkly needle in the haystack full of rusty old nails. Johannah Masters is certainly no exception. Her playful, whimsical jewelry line, beloved by women of all ages, is the perfect match for our cup of happiness type of shop. Whether you are a child at heart or have a child at home, there is something for everyone to cherish in her line.
Here's ten questions with the designer:
1. Where are you from?
A tiny town called Pennington in East Texas. 
2. When did you decide to start a jewelry line and why did you decide to get into jewelry?
I've worked my entire career in the fashion publishing world as a fashion editor and always loved and focused on jewelry. When I lost my job because of the Covid crisis, I found my original childhood 80's "Bell Charm" necklace and wanted to make an updated version of it. That's when the idea to launch a jewelry brand started. 
3. What is the inspiration behind your whimsical line?
Nostalgia is the main inspiration, especially 80s nostalgia, as well as the beach. I am a sucker for anything associated with the tropics. 
4. What artist dead or alive inspires you most?
I consider designers some of the most talented artists around and my range of inspiration can vary from Karl Lagerfeld to Jeremy Scott (two at the top of my list). 
5. What are your favorite pieces in your collection?
My absolute favorite piece is the "I Love Summer" necklace. Again, it's beachy, summery, colorful and fun. 
6. What materials do you work with for your pieces?
The charms are brass and plated with either gold or silver and then electroplated with colors. 
7. If you could make anything into jewelry what would it
be and what would you make it out of?
I don't think you could go wrong with a mini "My Little Pony" in solid gold. 
8. What is your favorite decade in fashion and why?
The 80s, obviously. Everything from toys to clothing were so cheesy, playful, happy and vibrant! 
9. What celebrity or influencer today would you say embodies the Johannah Master’s aesthetic and vibe?
I really think Harry Styles and Miley Cyrus could both rock some Johannah Masters Collection pieces. 
10. What’s your favorite music artist?
There are many favorites, but one of my absolute favorites is David Bowie.- A true original! 
Her pieces are available online and in both locations. They are great as gifts and are meant to be styled mismatched. Wear one or wear them all! <3