Jersey City Artist Spotlight - Dirty Celebrity

Written by MINT MARKET


Posted on November 16 2022

Mint Market Artist Spotlight
Yvette wears her own crochet extensions, all vintage clothing and Steve Madden Cobra boots
Mint Market Artist Spotlight
1. Where are you from? Did you grow up in Jersey City?
I was born in  NY City and then moved to Florida before coming here to Jersey City where I have lived for about 8 years.
2.When did you learn to crochet and who taught you?
 I bought books. My mom used to make doiles but could not teach me because I am left - handed. 
3. What made you get into the arts?
I always loved the arts since my work was presented in NY's child museum when I was 3. I minored in the subject in College.
4.What artist dead or alive inspires you the most?
Textile art has always been an underated art form. Baptista's artistic quilts are very inspiring to me.
5. What inspired you to make the heads for our shop?
I really liked the Daisy heads video I saw on your page and thought I wonder if she would go for crochet ones.😌
6. You have a really cool jewelry line you hand make, can you tell us a bit about the line and your process?
I love jewelry. Well my sister loves resin; I prefer 3d rendering. I create CAD drawings and print them out layer by layer via my 3D printer. I crystalize them and then paint with resin.
7. What are your goals for your art?
I want to bring fun and whimsy to an atmosphere that seems hyper politically charged. If I could just put a smile on someone's face then I am happy.
8.Tell us about what besides art inspires you most.
I love fashion but it has to be quirky and unexpected! I love Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, Anna Sui, Alice & Olivia..just to name a few brands. I sometimes even recreate clothing looks from the runway or inspired by my fave designer!
9.Why did you choose crochet as the medium to express yourself?
I love its flexibility. You can cover anything with yarn and there are so many patterns and techniques to keep you learning for a lifetime.
10. What music artist and genre is your fave?
Punk, rock and alternative are my genres. Five Finger Death Punch Imagine Dragons, Slipknot, Korn. I also can get real Indie like Kerli and Emilie Autumn. I just like music that is not mainstream mostly.