Introducing Mint QVC - Episode 1 - Vintage Chanel

Written by MINT MARKET


Posted on December 09 2020

What makes a Chanel bag so desirable that a girl is willing to give up such a small fortune? With an entry price point of $3,700, why does every girl dream of one day acquiring the famous 2.55 bag? After all it's just a glorified purse, isn't it? Definitely not.

If there is a holy grail in the fashion world, the Chanel 2.55 bag is certainly a prime candidate. In the first episode of Mint QVC, we explore the reasons why Chanel bags of every style and fabrication are supremely covetable and stood the test of time. Gabrielle Chanel did not just start a trend in February of 1955, she made fashion history by adding the ever famous chain shoulder strap and metaphorically liberated women through her design. 

We are proud to retail and cosign Chanel bags, costume jewelry, footwear and clothing. The story, values and woman behind the brand are dear to our core as a retailer. We strongly admire Coco Chanel for her irreverence and ability to transcend time.