Written by MINT MARKET


Posted on September 06 2022


Photography by Richard Polio
Styled by Valerie Duardo
Words by Valerie Duardo
Gail Scott x Mint Market Le Specs
Gail wears a Vintage Python Leather Trench Coat, Vintage Danskin Bodysuit and 'Work It' Sunglasses by Le Specs
\Gail Scott x Mint Market
Gails wear a vintage ABS Schwartz Y2K faux fur top, Vintage Leather skirt and vintage Michael Kors heels 
Gail Scott x Mint Market Valerie Duardo Styling
Gail Scott x Mint Market Valerie Duardo Styling
Gails wear vintage leather blazer and y2k slip dress, her own necklace, earrings from the store, sunglasses 'Aphrodite' by Le Specs
Few places on this Earth are teeming with creative energy like NYC. We are lucky to be situated closely to such a vibrant breeding ground for artists of all varieties. Gail is a Bronx born and raised music artist with soul, smarts and sex appeal to spare. She is a muse to me for a myriad of reasons. Her struggle with mental health and her strength to not just deal with it, but to conquer it and put it to good use is nothing less than awe-inspiring. She could easily be a girl with a notebook full of excuses fighting back tears on a daily basis. On the contrary, Gail is a fighter and a woman who moves forward and keeps it moving in that direction. This year she launched a makeup line called Rebel and Diva which focuses on enhancing women's beauty instead of masking it. You can expect to find the best brow pomade you've ever tried, flirty mink lashes and Lip glosses and tints in tons of shades. 
If there is one thing you take from these photos, let it be that no matter what cards you've been dealt in your life make sure you use your disadvantages to your advantage and allow them to propel you forward. Light speed ahead.
Check out her music here.