Allison Strong In Her Element

Written by MINT MARKET


Posted on September 02 2021


Sometimes I like to think of the doors to our shops as Magnets. They attract other like-minded, creative, ambitious women. The kind of women that inspire us to keep pushing, grow our brand and continue elevating our Female kind.

 My girl crush on Allison Strong sprung up from the minute she walked through our doors. Her sparkly personality, long brown curly locks and old soul energy allured me right into her world. Her bravery is a different shade than most other girls. It shines brightest when under a spotlight with a crowd full of eyes fixated solely on her, expectations running high and everything to lose. With her effortless, ambient voice, she can make it feel like she's singing just for you even if there are 100 others in the room. To put it quite simply, she's got it - whatever that may be.

The future is bright for this multi-talented local starlet.  There are few people that can say they've landed a role alongside Adam Sandler in a Netlfix movie and she is one of the lucky few. But you would only know that if you happen to see the movie and recognized her, because she's not one to boast about her accomplishments or what she wore to the red carpet premieres. Her humility is anchored by her down to earth nature. She's not caught up in the fleeting wind of the entertainment industry, rather, she stands her ground as an artist and tastemaker. She's not here to impress you or be liked, she's here to express herself. 

Allison Strong

Allison Strong
Allison wears the Vermeer bustier in baby blue and vintage pearl jewelry
Allison wears the Swan Tulle Dress and Steve Madden Mules