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  • Mint Girl Feature - Vicky Mosinho

    Mint Girl Feature - Vicky Mosinho

    It goes without saying that we are pretty darn picky around here. About literally everything. But especially about the faces on our site. These girls embody what it means to be a Mint Girl. The last 8 years we have cultivated a following of women of all ages that we consider to be Mint Girls. A microcosm of bad ass women and unicorns with extraordinary style. 

  • The Little Store That Could

    The Little Store That Could

    The main real difference between big business and small business, of any kind, is Soul. The ethereal essence of our human spirit. Small businesses, in particular brick and mortars, are corporeal manifestations of an individual's soul. In other words, we are literally putting our hearts out on the street for you to walk in and walk all over. And we love it. 

  • 'Girl on the Way' - Radha Martinez - @theofficialradha

    'Girl on the Way' - Radha Martinez - @theofficialradha

    Here we shine the light on local musical artist Radha Martinez. We turned up the glamour and created a mini-torial for your viewing pleasure.

  • allison strong

    Allison Strong In Her Element

    Sometimes I like to think of the doors to our shops as Magnets. They attract other like-minded, creative, ambitious women. The kind of women that inspire us to keep pushing, grow our brand and continue elevating our Female kind.

  • July 2021 Mint Girl - Harvaniya Krishnan

    July 2021 Mint Girl - Harvaniya Krishnan

    Get to know our July Mint Girl Harvaniya Krishnan. A Malaysia born, Indian beauty pursuing film and acting at the University of North Carolina. A Secaucus, NJ native, she is paving her way as a future fashion icon and story teller, representing her Southeast Asian culture at the highest level.