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  • 'Girl on the Way' - Radha Martinez - @theofficialradha

    'Girl on the Way' - Radha Martinez - @theofficialradha

    Here we shine the light on local musical artist Radha Martinez. We turned up the glamour and created a mini-torial for your viewing pleasure.

  • allison strong

    Allison Strong In Her Element

    Sometimes I like to think of the doors to our shops as Magnets. They attract other like-minded, creative, ambitious women. The kind of women that inspire us to keep pushing, grow our brand and continue elevating our Female kind.

  • July 2021 Mint Girl - Harvaniya Krishnan

    July 2021 Mint Girl - Harvaniya Krishnan

    Get to know our July Mint Girl Harvaniya Krishnan. A Malaysia born, Indian beauty pursuing film and acting at the University of North Carolina. A Secaucus, NJ native, she is paving her way as a future fashion icon and story teller, representing her Southeast Asian culture at the highest level.