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  • L'Officiel Arabia Editorial | November 2022 Print Issue

    L'Officiel Arabia Editorial | November 2022 Print Issue

    One might ask while nonchantly flipping through digital or now defunct print pages of a magazine, what's the point of all this? That's precisely the point, there is no point other than pleasing the eye and relaying some useful styling tips in the form of a dreamy photoshoot. 
    Check out this home grown fashion editorial shot by local female photographer Gail Job and styled by me, Valerie Duardo

  • 'Girl on the Way' - Radha Martinez - @theofficialradha

    'Girl on the Way' - Radha Martinez - @theofficialradha

    Here we shine the light on local musical artist Radha Martinez. We turned up the glamour and created a mini-torial for your viewing pleasure.

  • Flower.Boy


    When we look back at this moment in time 30-50 years from now, what will be the defining aesthetic of our generation? How did fashion progress during our time? We explored the answers to these heavy question with a light and fun editorial. Flower.Boy is a short visual fashion story about a boy who is at once embracing and grappling with his femininity.  Local aspiring actor Petar Ilic explores his feminine side in vintage couture and street wear. 

    Photography by Richard Polio

    Styling/Makeup Valerie Duardo

    Assistant Radha Martinez

  • July 2021 Mint Girl - Harvaniya Krishnan

    July 2021 Mint Girl - Harvaniya Krishnan

    Get to know our July Mint Girl Harvaniya Krishnan. A Malaysia born, Indian beauty pursuing film and acting at the University of North Carolina. A Secaucus, NJ native, she is paving her way as a future fashion icon and story teller, representing her Southeast Asian culture at the highest level.